Révélation – Paris 2023 Grand Palais Exhibition

Paky Art House is exited to be a participant in the Révélation -Paris 2023 Grand palais exhibition from 7 June till 11 June.

Our unit:
Decorative glass and metal tree 100% from recycled material all hand made.

This exquisite work of art display oriental flowers made from discarded glass, using only recycled glass and metal materials. It is the result of the talent and skill of our artists who transform waste into beauty and sustainability. You can admire our glass tree item in person at the Révélations International Fine Craft & Creation Biennial, which will take place in Paris from June 7 to June 11, 2023. Do not miss this amazing chance to see and purchase a remarkable product that combines art, nature, and recycling.
Recycling glass items not only embodies sustainability but also adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to our surroundings. The idea of utilizing recycled glass for decor, doors, windows, partitions, and glassware brings a sense of exclusivity and elegance to any space.
Imagine walking into a museum shop adorned with exquisite decor pieces crafted from recycled glass. Each item tells a unique story, combining artistic ingenuity with sustainable practices. These luxurious creations become conversation starters, captivating visitors with their beauty and the underlying message of responsible consumption.
In the realm of home design, incorporating recycled glass into doors, windows, and partitions elevates the aesthetic appeal to a new level. The clarity and brilliance of glass, coupled with the knowledge that it was sustainably sourced, exude a sense of opulence. It is a testament to a refined taste and a commitment to a greener lifestyle.
Furthermore, indulging in glassware made from recycled glass enhances the pleasure of daily rituals. Sipping from a beautifully crafted recycled glass, whether it is a wine goblet or a tumbler, adds a touch of sophistication to every occasion. The smoothness and clarity of the glass, combined with the eco-conscious choice, elevate the experience to one of luxury and mindfulness.
In conclusion, the luxurious nature of utilizing recycled glass lies in the merging of sustainability and elegance.
From museum shops to everyday homes, incorporating recycled glass items enhances the ambiance, symbolizes refined taste, and fosters a conscious lifestyle. By embracing the luxurious idea and functionality of recycled glass, we embrace a sustainable future without compromising on style or quality.

Charlotte Egan

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